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Prosus companies connect people to each other and the wider world and create value by improving lives. Every day, millions of people use the products and services of companies that Prosus has invested in, acquired or built.

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We grow by investing in, acquiring and building leading companies with sustainable competitive advantages
We believe in the power of local backed by global scale
We continue to back new business models to fuel our growth and increasingly, we look for opportunities to address big societal needs in markets where we see the greatest growth potential. These include all major markets in the world. Where we see a company with promise, we move quickly to expand and scale it.
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We believe we are the best global growth partner for founders, startups and other investors with the ambition to scale in our markets
Our operating model is different from many other companies. We both invest in and run leading companies, and we add value at all life-stages. We create our own businesses or invest in early stage companies, we take promising models and grow them quickly to scale, we evolve and grow companies already at scale, and we hold investments in listed companies with significant upside. 
The Prosus group is organised into six business areas: Classifieds, Payments & Fintech, Food delivery, Etail, Ventures and Travel. We also hold sizable investments in listed Social & Internet assets Tencent and Mail.ru
Our Classifieds business, the OLX Group, provides mobile and digital local marketplaces that connect more than 350 million buyers and sellers every month in more than 40 countries around the world. Our companies, OLX, Avito and letgo, between them represent the top-ranked mobile classifieds apps in more than 20 countries.
PayU is one of the largest Payment Service Platforms in the world, focusing on markets with long-term growth potential. It has leading positions across Africa and the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, India, and Latin America. PayU’s 250 payment options enable safe transactions in 16 countries for more than 160,000 merchants, allowing them to focus on reaching the 2.2 billion consumers in our markets.
Our etail segment contains our business to consumer e-commerce companies and investments including Emag in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our Ventures team hunts for new opportunities to back high potential internet businesses and help their founders to scale globally