AEX: Prosus prices multi-tranche USD and EUR bond offerings

Prosus N.V.
(Incorporated in the Netherlands)
(Trade Reg No 34099856)
AEX and JSE Share Code: PRX
ISIN: NL0013654783
(“Prosus” or the “Company”)
Prosus Prices Multi-tranche USD and EUR Bond Offerings
Prosus has raised more than US$2 billion in debt comprising its longest dated US dollar offering to date, priced on 27 July 2020, and its debut euro notes offering, priced on 28 July 2020. These issuances consist of US$1.00 billion 4.027% notes due 2050, EUR500 million 1.593% notes due 2028 and EUR500 million 2.031% notes due 2032, in each case to be issued under its Global Medium-Term Note Programme (the “Bonds”).

The current favourable market backdrop enabled Prosus to diversify its funding sources by establishing a position in the euro bond market, while at the same time extending the duration of the Company’s financing curve to 30 years in the US dollar market.

The purpose of the offerings is to raise proceeds for general corporate purposes, including potential future M&A activity, and to further augment the company’s liquidity position.

The offerings attracted strong investor demand, with US dollar notes more than seven times subscribed and the euro debut notes more than eleven times subscribed on the eight year notes and twelve times subscribed on the twelve year notes, allowing pricing of the Bonds at rates that reduce the Company’s average funding cost, while at the same time extending the blended maturity profile of its outstanding notes to almost 12 years.  
It is expected that this financing will be ratings neutral for Prosus. Prosus remains committed to an Investment Grade credit rating, as management believes this to be important in providing the group with debt capital market access at attractive rates.

The offerings are expected to close on 3 August 2020, subject to customary closing conditions.
An application has been made to Euronext Dublin to admit the Bonds to listing on the Official List of Euronext Dublin and trading on the regulated market thereof.
29 July 2020
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
JSE sponsor (South Africa): Investec Bank Limited
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About Prosus
Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Operating and investing globally in markets with long-term growth potential, Prosus builds leading consumer internet companies that empower people and enrich communities. The group is focused on building meaningful businesses in the online classifieds, payments and fintech, and food delivery sectors in markets including India, Russia and Brazil. Through its ventures team investments, in areas including Edtech and health, Prosus actively seeks new opportunities to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs who are using technology to address big societal needs. Every day, millions of people use the products and services of companies that Prosus has invested in, acquired or built, including Avito, Brainly, BYJU’S, Codecademy, eMAG, Honor, iFood, LazyPay, letgo, Meesho, Movile, OLX, PayU, Red Dot Payments, Remitly, SimilarWeb, SoloLearn, Swiggy, and Udemy. For more information, please visit www.prosus.com.