CEO of iFood appointed as the UN Global Compact’s education spokesperson

CEO of iFood is now Global Compact’s education spokesperson

  • The UN nominated Fabricio Bloisi to speak on education; learn about iFood's goals and initiatives in the area

The CEO of iFood, Fabricio Bloisi, was appointed as education spokesperson for the UN Global Compact, the most significant initiative focused on global corporate sustainability, bringing together more than 16,000 companies and organisations in 160 countries.

“As iFood has invested a lot in education in recent years, I was invited to be a spokesperson for the topic. I am already 100% committed to this cause because I know it is the way to build a better and less unequal country. My task is to talk about it alongside the UN”, says Fabricio. “I think it's great that more companies are discussing education.”

In 2021, iFood had already become a signatory company of the Global Compact, encouraging companies to include ESG-related topics in their business strategies.

With this, iFood confirmed its efforts to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And among them is SDG 4, whose objective is to guarantee access to inclusive, quality and equitable education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Fabricio says that education is essential not only in his career but also in iFood’s history. “Our history is connected to education. I'm from Salvador, I studied a lot to graduate from a  public university, and I came to São Paulo because I had the dream of creating a great company”, says the executive. “iFood would not exist without education and innovation.”

To contribute to this cause, Fabricio first created —and today chairs— Fundação 1Bi, an organisation dedicated to using technology to improve primary education, which has already impacted 800,000 students.

In addition, he established strategic education goals on iFood. “Our main impact goal is education”, explains Fabricio. “Today, we have several projects aimed at our delivery men, restaurants, and to graduate more people in technology.”

What are iFood's education goals?

In line with the principles of the Global Pact, in 2021, iFood made three public commitments in the field of education. By 2025, the company has the goal of:

●      Train and employ 25,000 people from underrepresented and low-income groups in technology, contributing to reducing the technological blackout in Brazil;

●      Train more than 5 million people in 5 years for “jobs of the future” and entrepreneurship;

●      Encourage primary education, impacting 5 million people in up to 5 years.

“Our dream is to feed the future. And iFood will do this by delivering quality food for all budgets and contributing to society by investing in education so that Brazil can be a better country”, concludes Fabricio.

What are iFood's education programs?

iFood has different programs to encourage primary education and technology training for underrepresented audiences (such as women and black people). And it also supports the journey of education for delivery men and partner restaurants.

Some of its primary education programs are:

●      Potência Tech

It brings together courses and scholarships in technology on its platform, which has already granted 17 thousand of scholarships and helped in the employability of more than 1,500 people in the area.

●      Meu Diploma do Ensino Médio

The program grants scholarships for delivery men to take the exam, giving them the right to a certificate of completion from elementary or high school. In the first group, 950 delivery men received the certificate.

●      iFood Decola

The platform offers courses for delivery men and restaurants. More than 200,000 partners have already enrolled in more than 100 courses offered, which have already issued more than 140,000 certificates.

Education initiatives supported by iFood

In addition, iFood is involved in actions such as:

●      Movimento Tech: a coalition of companies to raise BRL 100 million by 2025 in projects that accelerate training and employability in the technology area;

●      Tech Marathon: school activities to awaken young people's interest in technology, which engaged more than 80,000 high school and elementary school students;

●      Partnership with Starlink (a SpaceX project founded by Elon Musk) for internet transmission via satellite to ten public schools in rural areas.

Partner NGOs working with education

Among iFood’s partner NGOs —which receive donations made in the app—four work with education:

●      Todos pela Educação, which works to improve primary education in the country and improve public policies;

●      Fundação 1Bi, focused on technologies to improve primary education;

●      Gerando Falcões, which trains local leaders and offers professional qualification courses;

●      Vocação, dedicated to developing people's skills through work with communities and comprehensive or vocational education.


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Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Operating and investing globally in markets with long-term growth potential, Prosus builds leading consumer internet companies that empower people and enrich communities.

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