Sustainability is at the core of eMAG

Environmental impact declines, even as societal impact increases

Innovative Central and Eastern European etailer eMAG has had environmental responsibility at its core since its inception in 2001. The Romanian e-commerce provider has recently taken bold steps to strengthen its environmental commitments, and show leadership on issues – particularly carbon emission reductions – in Central Europe.

Carbon neutral in 2031

eMAG recently ran an internal analysis to better understand its impact on the environment. This analysis included quantifying CO2 emissions generated by both its own operations (Scope 1 and 2) and throughout the supply chain.

As a result, eMAG has committed to becoming carbon neutral for its own operations in 2021. To help achieve this aim, eMAG has identified some ways to reduce carbon emissions, including expanding the Sameday Green Delivery fleet to 100 electric vehicles and using the easyBOX lockers throughout Romania to reduce direct CO2 emissions. 

To date, the EasyBOX solution has played a key role in helping eMAG reduce its direct CO2 emissions from transport by more than 15%. 

The company is also taking steps to make its warehouses more sustainable, including with the use of renewables. 1.5 MW solar panels are being installed on their newest warehouse to provide on-site power generation. Contracts for energy supply will be sourced from renewables for other eMAG warehouses and, where possible, offices and showrooms. The new warehouse will also sit alongside a 10-hectare afforestation project.

Within one year, eMAG managed to decrease its CO2 emissions from its own operations from 9993 tonnes of CO2 to 9216 tonnes. This translates into a reduction of approximately 8% in FY21, compared to FY20. 

Extending carbon reduction efforts 

Next to the emissions generated by its operations, eMAG acknowledges that its environmental impact extends to CO2 emissions generated throughout the supply chain. Thus, eMAG made a commitment to strengthen its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout its downstream and upstream supply chain network to achieve carbon neutrality in 10 years, while using carbon offsets for the excess CO2 emissions.

The reach of this offsetting program is focused on projects with a local impact in the CEE region and combines with others on a global scale, initiated by Prosus. 

eMAG’s compensation partner Green Tech developed a project that reduces CO2 emissions through PET recycling. It’s the first project within the EU to be certified for the Gold Standard carbon market. 

eMAG’s sustainability partner, Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC), initiated a long-term project to reduce CO2 emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. The aim is to create ‘Parcul Național Munții Făgăraș’, a 200.000-hectare national park and wildlife conservation area, with the aspiration of becoming Europe’s counterpart to Yellowstone. 

Furthermore, as a large and well-known entity in Romania and beyond, eMAG has chosen to capitalize on its market reach and reputational advantage by creating an environmental Pledge. The initiative will be accessible for large enterprises and start-ups alike. 

Through involvement in these projects, eMAG expects to make a significant impact on carbon reduction efforts in the CEE region.


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About Prosus

Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Operating and investing globally in markets with long-term growth potential, Prosus builds leading consumer internet companies that empower people and enrich communities.

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