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Prosus - 2020 SICA

Building a business case for innovation and investment in India’s accessibility sector

Prosus SICA

2020 SICA

2020 Top five startups

Hear from our 2020 top startups about how SICA impacted them and why they encourage other startups to come on board.

Grant receiver Sohum

Sohum Innovation Labs, for its innovative Sohum device that detects hearing impairment in infants quickly and easily.


Grant receiver NeoMotion

Neomotion Assistive Solutions’ bespoke wheelchairs with a motor-powered clip-on that converts into a safe, roadworthy vehicle.


Grant receiver Stamurai

Demosthenes Technologies’ Stamurai mobile app that addresses speech and language disabilities with a cost-effective personalised, digital coach to help users overcome a stammer.


Sohum, Neomotion and Stamurai received grants of $35,000, $25,000, and $15,000, respectively.


Cogniable’s autism management tool which aids in early automated screening and remote guided treatment.

Cogniable logo

Thinkerbell Solutions

Thinkerbell Solutions’ Annie, a Braille literacy device that helps the visually impaired learn to read, write, and type in Braille independently through interactive audio-guided content.

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