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Prosus - 2021 SICA

Building a business case for innovation and investment in India’s accessibility sector

Prosus SICA

2021 SICA

2021 Top five startups

 Hear from our 2021 top startups about how SICA impacted them and why they encourage other startups to come on board.

Grant receiver Trestle Labs

Trestle Labs’s Kibo, an end-to-end solution that addresses visual impairment by by helping listen, translate, and digitise printed, handwritten, and digital content across 60 languages.


Grant receiver Signable

Signable’s video remote interpretation solution addresses speech and language disabilities by providing live interpretation in Indian Sign Language via a mobile app.


Grant receiver Lifespark Technologies

Lifespark Technologies’ product WALK is a wearable mobility aid and digital platform that helps people with chronic Parkinson’s disease regain mobility.


Trestle Labs, Lifespark Technologies and Signable Communications received grants of $35,000, $25,000, and $15,000, respectively.


Louie Voice Commands, Visioapp’s product, allows visually impaired people to control popular apps with just voice commands.


Tinkertech Labs

TinkerTech Labs’ product – Transcribe Glass – addresses hearing impairment by projecting real-time closed captions onto the user’s field of vision.