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Prosus - 2022 SICA

Building a business case for innovation and investment in India’s accessibility sector

Prosus SICA

2022 SICA

2022 Top five startups

Grant receiver Rut3

Invented Damsus Wheel, an integration of suspensions inside wheelchair wheels ensuring users have a comfortable experience even when travelling over unfriendly infrastructure

Rut3 logo

Grant receiver Dextroware Devices

Created Mouseware, an affordable head-wearable device that empowers amputees and people with neurological disorders with hands-free control of smart devices using simple head movements


Grant receiver Translead Medtech

Produces the sit-to-stand mechanism Stand at Ease, an assistive chair for the elderly who suffer from knee joint problems and face difficulty while raising up from a sitting posture.


dVerse Labs

Came up with CurIO, a real-time multi-sensory computer display for people with blindness and severe visual impairment.


Resonate Learning

Launched its digital games-based learning app Resonate Learning supporting deaf children in India to understand learning concepts 5-6 times faster.