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Prosus - Our commitment

Prosus in partnership with UN Women is working to enhance educational and learning pathways for young women and girls in India


Our commitment

Educating women has a multiplier effect in society, benefiting their families, their communities and beyond. A woman is likely to invest her earnings back into her family and an educated woman is better equipped to educate her own children and is more likely to send her children to school. This contributes to improved education rates, economic growth, and development in the long term.

In March 2021, on International Women’s Day, we launched Prosus FLIGHT in partnership with UN Women to support marginalised women and girls earn a formal degree or certification, gain workplace and entrepreneurship skills, and benefit from community sensitisation programmes.

Enabling educational equality

The three-year programme focuses on young women between the ages of 17 and 25 across five districts within Maharashtra. By concentrating efforts and interventions, the initiative aims to create a virtuous cycle of empowerment where these young women will become future role models for other women who would be motivated to follow their lead, and who in turn will motivate others.

Fundamental to the initiative is the identification and enrolment of young women who have completed middle school, high school or senior secondary education but would otherwise not have the opportunity and/or family support to continue to study. Societal attitudes and family support are important elements to ensure that female students are motivated and encouraged to finish their courses. The initiative will include gender awareness and sensitisation workshops for approximately 5,000 households in the designated communities, as well as conducting research on attitudes to female education and employment.