Prosus will announce its full-year results for 2023 on Tuesday, 27 June. More info here.

Prosus - Overview

Prosus in partnership with UN Women is working to enhance educational and learning pathways for young women and girls in India


Funding and Learning Initiative for Girls in Higher Education and skills Training (FLIGHT)

It is said that when you educate and empower just one woman, she can lift her entire family out of poverty. With Prosus FLIGHT we have an opportunity to make this a reality. Prosus FLIGHT supports 750 young women from marginalised backgrounds with scholarships and soft-skills trainings to help them complete higher education and become employable. Prosus has been running FLIGHT in partnership with UN WOMEN since March 2021 in six institutes spread across five districts of Maharashtra.


“Education is key to achieving equality for women across the world. We are pleased to be able to support this initiative in collaboration with UN Women and to help talented Indian women pursue their educational dreams and career paths that will contribute to India’s future.”

- Aileen O’Toole, Group Chief People Officer, Prosus