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Prosus - Overview

Prosus in partnership with UN Women is working to enhance educational and learning pathways for young women and girls in India


Funding and Learning Initiative for Girls in Higher Education and Skills Training (FLIGHT)

It is said that when you educate and empower just one woman, she can lift her entire family out of poverty. With Prosus FLIGHT we have an opportunity to make this a reality. Prosus FLIGHT aims to support 750 young women, over a three-year period, to earn a formal degree or certification, as well as helping them attain workplace skills that would allow them to participate in India’s digital economy.

The scale of the global education challenge faced by marginalised young women and girls is enormous. Around the world, millions of women are unable to access education and economic opportunity. Women comprise an estimated two-thirds of the world’s 800 million illiterate people. The lack of access to education deprives women of opportunities to find decent, dignified work, improve their quality of life, and participate fully and independently in society.  

Despite rising literacy levels in India, women are reportedly the most disadvantaged when it comes to education, skills development, and employment. Young women in India find it particularly hard to continue education beyond high school. For those who manage to attend tertiary education, staying enrolled and graduating is a challenge. While economic constraints and inadequate infrastructure are an impediment, social norms like early marriage, the burden of household chores, and a lack of female role-models are further barriers that women face when pursuing education. 

Today, only 9% of all women in India of working age are employed. By advancing women’s equality and increasing their participation in the workforce, India has an enormous opportunity to boost GDP – potentially an additional $770 billion of GDP by 2025. However, to make a lasting change, alleviating economic constraints to enrolment is just as important as addressing attitudes of families and society. 

“Education is key to achieving equality for women across the world. We are pleased to be able to support this initiative in collaboration with UN Women, and to help talented Indian women pursue their educational dreams and career paths that will contribute to India’s future.”

- Aileen O’Toole, Group Chief People Officer, Prosus