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Prosus - Programme details

Prosus in partnership with UN Women is working to enhance educational and learning pathways for young women and girls in India


Programme details

Prosus FLIGHT was developed to catalyse systemic change in education, focusing on improving outcomes for young women. The project runs in five districts within the state of Maharashtra in India – Greater Metropolitan Region in Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburban, Thane, Palghar, and Raigad. These districts are chosen for their existing infrastructure (education and transport) and societal attitudes to aid successful programme delivery and completion.   

For the successful implementation of the programme, we have onboarded two implementation partners:
  • PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action) works with disadvantaged communities to help them emerge from poverty and lead a life of dignity.  
  • B-Able (Basix Academy For Building Lifelong Employability) provides vocational skills development training within the informal sector to underprivileged youths in India. 
The initiative undertakes a holistic approach to empowerment following the themes of learning, employment, and entrepreneurship.
  • FLIGHT provides an annual scholarship to pursue higher education to each young woman selected. This is in line with UN Women's guidance, where FLIGHT provides financial support for three years, with a partial contribution from the student.
  • 750 women and girls are pursuing their higher education under the programme. This includes college degrees and/or industrial training courses.
  • They are also undergoing digital and soft skills training to help them gain meaningful employment and/or support their journey to becoming entrepreneurs.
    • The students undergo training on Gender, English, Communication, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy and Employability Skills. These cover approximately 60 hours of classroom training, which is done through trainers (employed by PRADAN), in the time that UN Women gets from the institutes in between regular classes
  • The program also conducts regular placement drivers and job fairs to connect graduating women with prospective employers
  • Additionally, the programme seeks to create a network of role models that can inspire more women to finish their education and find economic opportunities 
  • FLIGHT is also focused on community awareness programs where families, faculties, and industries are enrolled in sensitisation workshops that aim to create a positive, supportive environment for young women to pursue their ambitions