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At Prosus, we take information security seriously. We consider the safety of our environments a priority, and we support the business within our group with security advice and assurance activities.
We understand that having systems without vulnerabilities is not possible. Thus, we work closely with researchers of external parties to identify vulnerable systems.
Our responsible disclosure program is available on the BugCrowd platform. The program page contains the rules you must abide by and the IT assets in scope.
We are part of the Safe Harbour project. Therefore any vulnerability reported to us in good faith will not be penalised.

Security contacts for Prosus-related businesses

 If you need to contact the security team from one of our businesses, please use the following contact details.


Reporting a vulnerability

 If you discovered a security vulnerability in one of our environments or at a Prosus business not listed above, please report it via our disclosure form on the BugCrowd platform or at [email protected].

Please provide us with sufficient details so that we can quickly reproduce the vulnerabilities you found.