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Prosus - Investing in communities

Harnessing the power of technology to address global challenges

Investing where we live and work

As a global consumer internet group, we champion the benefits of widespread digital access, including improved financial inclusion, access to economic opportunity, and social and educational benefits. The social impact programs provide both practical and investment to a wide range of actors working towards building more inclusive communities.
Our social impact programs have one common goal: to improve the lives of individual people. We assess impact through the lens of inclusive development that rests on our three pillars of access to livelihoods, gender equity, and humanitarian relief. A group data tracking tool manages the progress of our programs against agreed targets, allowing for consistent reporting across all hubs and creating a holistic view of our group impact.
We work with local NGOs and enterprise partnerships for innovation and execution.
In addition to group-level activities, companies within our portfolio are encouraged to develop and implement independent social impact activities specific to their segment, expertise and geography.
Various hubs of social impact programs across our group implement projects to foster development that protects the social and economic wellbeing of people within the social systems where we operate, catalysing progress and prosperity for all.

Prosus Social Impact Challenge (SICA) - India

The Prosus Social Impact Challenge for Accessibility (SICA) identifies the most innovative Indian start-ups working on assistive technology. The challenge aims to foster long-term societal progress in an area of social need and technology innovation while supporting 20 million Indians living with disabilities.
Naspers Prosus has committed US$250, 000 (INR 1,65,00,000) over three years to Prosus SICA. Each year - in partnership with Invest India and Startup India, agencies of the government of India; Social Alpha, an initiative supported by Tata Trusts; and the World Health Organization (WHO) – the challenge awards grants to the three start-ups.
Winners receive mentorship to help entrepreneurs build successful companies in India and beyond.
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Visit our dedicated Prosus SICA page here.

Prosus Funding and Learning Initiative for Girls in Higher Education and Skills Training (FLIGHT) – India 

In partnership with UN Women, this initiative aspires to support economic growth by advancing women’s equality and participation in an economy where many lack opportunities for decent, dignified work.
Prosus FLIGHT supports 750 women and girls in higher education to earn a formal degree or certification, and to acquire employable skills for participation in India’s digital economy.

The initiative is concentrated in Maharashtra, where Prosus FLIGHT helps young women aged between 17 and 25. We aim to create a network of female graduates who can become role models, by nurturing a supportive community and motivating young women to complete their courses.


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Visit our dedicated Prosus FLIGHT page here.

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