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Responsible business

Business ethics and integrity 

Our approach 
We are committed to good governance, and we comply with the laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate. At a Group level, we set out shared principles and we empower our businesses and partners to enact them within the unique context of their operations and geographies to achieve long-term positive impact.
A culture of ethics and compliance
Prosus is committed to conducting business in compliance with the law, with integrity and with proper regard for ethical business practices, as described in the Code of Business Ethics & Conduct and Group Policies.  It is important to us that our behaviour reflects our commitment to Ethics & Compliance. Therefore, we apply laws and rules, codes and standards in a way that supports ethical and good corporate citizenship. 

The Board sets the “tone at the top”, overseeing how Ethics and Compliance is managed across the Group. Management is responsible for creating a culture aimed at long-term value creation for the Group and ensuring that ethical business standards are integrated into our strategies and operations.

The Prosus Ethics & Compliance Framework sets out the policies to uphold and this has been communicated throughout the Group. Prosus group companies (Prosus and its direct and indirect subsidiaries) are expected to have an Ethics & Compliance Programme in place. It should be ‘fit for purpose’ and focused on the risks that relate to the business. We expect directors and employees to comply with these principles and we take a zero-tolerance approach to Code violations. 
Ethics & Compliance Policies:
Code of business ethics & conduct
Legal compliance policy
Anti-bribery & anti-corruption policy
Sanctions & export controls policy
Competition compliance policy
Speak up policy 


We are a global group – composed of local businesses. Our businesses pay taxes in the countries where they operate and where the users and consumers of their services and products reside to support the communities and the people within them.  We are proud of the fact that our tax contributions in the growing economies where we operate assist those countries’ governments in providing better resources and infrastructure to their people.
Our tax policy and extensive tax disclosures are publicly available and further detailed on our dedicated Tax page.

Data privacy and cyber resilience

Each business is directly responsible for managing data privacy and security within its own organisation. Responsibility lies overall with the CEO of each business. Our Group data privacy office and the cyber team support and monitor the businesses in executing sound data privacy and security practices.
Data privacy is essential for good governance and risk management, and to build trust and do the right thing for our stakeholders. We foster a culture of data privacy within Group businesses and believe that privacy should be part of the fabric of day-to-day work rather than an add-on. Our group-wide Data Privacy Governance Policy and privacy programme are designed to ensure that data across the different businesses in the group is protected and managed.
As a global technology investor, we are committed to building sustainable platforms that enable our business. Our cyber security and technology resilience governance and practice safeguards the customer-facing platforms and internally-facing technology that power our business. Our group-wide Cyber Security Policy focuses on good governance, good protection, good detection and good response. We expect each business to implement strong cyber security and incident management in line with this policy and with their own operations and challenges.
For more information see our dedicated Security Page and Privacy Page.

Supply chain 

We are committed to building a more sustainable supply chain through our purchase decisions. New and existing vendors will be screened across a range of material issues to identify and address any areas of concern. We are mindful of our opportunity to influence supply chain partners through our purchase decisions and seek vendors that share our standards on issues including use of natural resources and human rights.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are embedded everywhere in our group to add value for customers, partners and businesses by personalising services, predicting prices, validating transactions, optimising logistics and reducing fraud. Our development framework ensures that the social and ethical dimensions of AI are included within the development process. We take an operational approach to ethical and responsible AI, adopting best practices across the group’s data science community. We focus not just on how to ensure AI is unbiased, robust and transparent, but also on how to use it to positively improve people’s everyday lives.