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Using technology to catalyse positive change and find solutions for shared global challenges

Social impact

Our mission is to build leading companies that empower people and enrich communities. We do this by remaining true to what we do best – investing in local entrepreneurs who are developing innovative solutions that benefit the local community.
As members of the communities in which we operate, we consider it our responsibility to invest in solutions for social challenges. Our social impact program expands the radius of our impact beyond our commercial reach to underserved communities that can benefit from our technology and expertise.
In this way, we’re able to contribute to the community and improve access to livelihoods in the places we operate. These initiatives also contribute to the human, intellectual and financial capitals of the business in the long term. Across the group, businesses translate our social investment philosophy to their local context. 

Digital inclusion

The digital divide remains prevalent in many of the countries where we operate
As a global consumer internet group, we champion the benefits of widespread digital access, including improved financial inclusion, access to economic opportunity, and social and educational benefits. 
We build leading companies that use digital technology to improve the daily lives of millions of people. Businesses across the group offer access to online services that enable financial transactions, buying and selling of goods, food delivery and education. 
Companies across the group also support targeted inclusion of underserved individuals in the community through community investment initiatives.

Community investment

The social impact of our operations and investments is a key factor in assessing our work. We prioritize corporate social investment programmes that benefit the communities in which they operate. 
We have several philanthropic social impact projects that aim to uplift communities in which we operate – these projects are based on the needs identified per territory.

Humanitarian relief

We contribute to humanitarian relief when a crisis hits. Whether manmade or natural disasters, our aim is to support the communities where we operate and our employees come from. 

We were quick to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. From the outset we focused on ensuring we safeguarded our people, maintained our ability to serve our customers, and protected our businesses for the long term. 
At a local level, we also provided additional support to our people, partners, customers, communities and, in some cases, governments. All in order to help our stakeholders respond to COVID-19.

Human rights

As a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world, we’re mindful of the cultures of the many countries in which we operate and of the extended social impact of our business decisions and activities. 
In addition to our direct impact on our employees and workforce, we indirectly influence our suppliers, companies we invest in, and decision-makers across the communities in which we operate. 
Our human rights principles and practice is detailed in our comprehensive Human Rights Statement and are guided by international standards, including the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 

On-demand platform workers

Our food delivery portfolio companies create economic opportunities for over a million on-demand workers as a part of their value chain. Prosus is committed to investing in platforms that lead the evolution of the on-demand platform sector and empower and improve the lives of the millions of people that make this sector possible. While each company is solving for their own local need, we share our guiding principles as a basis to implement in their operations.