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Privacy is an important value and an essential element of public trust



Our commitment

We recognise that privacy is an important value and an essential element of public trust. At Prosus we strive to be a trusted company and as a responsible investor we expect each of our businesses to adhere to our 7 priva​cy principles and implement the 7 key elements of an accountable privacy programme.

Our policies

The links below provide information regarding the processing of your personal data and insight into how data privacy is managed across our group:

To learn more about how your personal data is managed by our investees, please see Investee Privacy Policies below.

Our approach

Our Group policy on data-privacy governance is designed to define and document how data privacy is managed across our group; to promote best practice; to accommodate different business models, resources, culture and legal requirements across the jurisdictions where our investees operate; and to support trust in our businesses’ products and services.

Seven overarching privacy principles explained



Prosus is also committed to identifying and managing cyber risks as part of its risk management framework. Our Group wide cybersecurity policy sets the expectations from our businesses to focus on implementing governance, striving to become cyber secure, cyber vigilant and cyber resilient. For more information on our security approach, please see our security page.

Clear accountability

Each business is directly responsible for managing data privacy and security in its organisation, with responsibility resting ultimately with the CEO of each business. Our CEOs are directly accountable for the data protection programmes outlined in our Group policy on data-privacy governance.

Our operating companies appoint data privacy leads and, where required, Data Protection Officers to manage, and to contribute to reporting at Group level.

At Group level, we monitor the progress of our majority-owned investees in privacy & security programme implementation. We also support the businesses, DPOs & CISOs with training resources, facilitate intra-group contracting, compliance and AI projects, and support M&A initiatives. Our group audit functions and third-party capabilities are deployed to enhance our companies' ability to assess and improve these programmes over time.


Seven key elements of our privacy programme explained


Our privacy network: investing in expertise

We maintain and grow a global network of data privacy and protection experts across the group: data protection officers, deputies, regional privacy leads, privacy managers and privacy champions. 

We provide development opportunities for them through engagement in the global privacy community and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

For more information, please see the Prosus annual report.

Prosus privacy technologists

Open to employees from any of our businesses, including our minority investees, the Prosus Privacy Technologist Programme is designed to enable group companies to develop their own capabilities to implement privacy by design.

For more information, please see the Prosus annual report.

Artificial intelligence and data policy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are fundamental to our business. We have published the Prosus Approach to AI Ethics, which communicates the guiding principles that inform the work of the AI and data science teams: force for good, technical excellence, accountability and transparency, fairness, privacy and security.

Our AI team works to develop tools and practices that help to implement the principles into the workflow of machine learning specialists. 
We benchmark our efforts to global guidelines for ethical AI to ensure that we are following best market practice and continuing to innovate around the use of data, including focusing on topics such as bias detection and appropriate transparency. Ensuring that ethical considerations are part of AI development is crucial to preserving quality and longevity in AI products and in their performance.
We also participate in fora that are supporting initiatives to advance responsible risk-based regulation of AI applications. 


Contact our privacy team

For any privacy related questions or to report a privacy concern directly to Prosus, please contact our privacy team here.


Investee Privacy Policies

Although Prosus does not itself process significant volumes of consumer personal data, most of our investee companies do. To learn more about how any of our investees manage your personal data when you use their services please refer to the list of our investees at and access their Privacy Policies and/or Privacy Portals through the links embedded on this page.